Award-winning, custom-made ukuleles.
What's the secret of making a ukulele that sounds great and looks beautiful?
It's not really a secret. It's the result of a great design, superior materials,
pride in craftsmanship and plenty of time.
Every ukulele I build is done the old-fashioned way - one at a time.  It begins
with the careful selection of the choicest wood - quilted maple from the mainland,
or  "exotic" woods imported from Africa or South America. 

It takes time to do everything just right - to make sure every single detail
is just as perfect as it can be.

I like making custom ukuleles.  Each one is special to me.  Maybe that kind
of aloha is what helps make a Mancia Ukulele sound so great.

To find out about ordering one of our instruments, contact me by clicking here.

                                                                 Clifford Mancia
This is an example of a
tenor ukulele. It's made from koa and has an inlay of abalone shell
around the sound hole.

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